This an interesting way to test who/what is innovative and what is just an inventions or a novelty. Apple passes this test on many accounts and is thus innovative and is handsomely rewarded. Analyst that argue Apple is no longer innovative doesn’t understand what Innovation is.

Pamela Vagata and Kevin Wilfong on Scaling Facebook’s warehouse infrastructure on the Facebook Engineering Blog:

Our warehouse stores upwards of 300 PB of Hive data, with an incoming daily rate of about 600 TB. In the last year, the warehouse has seen a 3x growth in the amount of data stored.

600 TB of incoming data per day is insane and it’s growing very rapidly too. It’s fascinating how they are making these processes more efficient and even better that they are willing to share this information.

The more I think about this acquisition the more I believe Amazon is the perfect home for Comixology. I wonder if they would consider letting Prime members read for free.

Starting April 12, $40 can get you unlimited talk, text, and 500MB of 4G data. This plan also qualifies for T-Mobile’s promotion where the carrier will cover your early termination fee from a rival provider so long as you trade in your current smartphone.

It also adds Facebook-like features like pinning post to the top of your profile, feeds shown by popularity, and custom filtering.

Amazon Dash hooks into  Amazon Fresh, a same day delivery service of many Amazon products including groceries. It makes shopping for what you need around the house a little easier with voice search and bar code scanning. Items searched for or scanned on the Dash is added to your need-to-buy items list on Amazon. Their iPhone or Android App can do pretty much the same thing. It’s another ploy for Amazon to get you to stay within their ecosystem. Amazon Fresh is currently only available in three US markets and Amazon Dash is Free by invitation only.

I love Amazon and their many services, but this is one of the few that I am not all that interested in. I enjoy shopping for produce and groceries locally and interacting with the farmers and local growers is something I really enjoy. This is why I have resisted using Fresh Direct, even though it seems my whole neighborhood is getting deliveries daily. I can see the appeal of these services though. For a family that is very busy, this gives them more time to do the things they enjoy.

This is a great little device, especially if you are heavily invested in the Amazon ecosystem. The voice search feature is very convenient and gaming might be the biggest appeal to this box.

Windows is starting to look recognizable again.

In theory this is a good idea because it allows users to simply move the things they are working on from one screen to the next, but in reality it is really hard to create an app that remains useful across many different screens. You might just end up with a “Windows 8”.

Microsoft’s Cortana looks like a good mix of all that is good about Google Now and Siri.

This is dumb. From circulating reports, It seems BlackBerry sales were almost non existent on T-mobile. So much so that they stopped stocking them in their stores. BlackBerry needs T-mobile more than T-mobile need them. I pursue die hard BlackBerry users can still bring unlocked models on to the network.

This is Facebook’s “moon shot.” It’s a crazy idea that addresses a huge issue. If it works, it’s going to bring about a lot of good to many communities.

Well, this sucks. I just switched over to T-Mobile 3 months ago and I was enjoying a 15% discount. That’s $180 more I will be paying every year. I guess there’s no reason to get angry, it’s still cheaper than the other guys.

Update: Looks like T-Mobile is listening to their loyal customers and are grandfathering in everyone who currently participates, allowing them to keep their discounts as long as they work at a participating employer and remain on a qualifying plan.

The app is surprisingly very well built. It’s clean with an iOS 7 feel, but still has Microsoft Office familiarities.

It’s Free to download, view and share documents but you’ll need an annual $99 Office 365 subscription if you want to edit.

In my opinion, this is the best looking Android smartphone. I applaud HTC for experimenting with different camera technology, but “ultra pixels” sucks. Give us a camera that doesn’t take washed out photos.