• OS X Yosemite is now available in the Mac App Store and it’s Free
  • iOS 8.1 will be available on Monday and will include Apple Pay functionality and iCloud photo library beta
  • New faster and thinner iPad Air 2 with TouchID and improved camera. Comes in new storage confirmations (16,64, or 128GB) with the addition of a gold color option, and will be available for preorder today and shipping next week
  • iPad mini 3 is basically the same as last years model with the addition of TouchID and a gold color option
  • iPad Air and iPad mini is sticking around and will be $100 cheaper. The original iPad mini will also still be offered for $249
  • New iMac with a 5K display (5120 by 2880), starts at $2,499
  • Updated Mac mini, now starts at $499

Gareth Beavis on the responsiveness of iOS in his review of the iPhone 6 for TechRadar:

The rest of the interface is much as expected for an iPhone - and that’s a good thing in the eyes of most users. However, I will say that the touchscreen on the iPhone 6 isn’t as good as the competition – it doesn’t feel as responsive as the Project Butter / Project Svelte (and subsequent evolutions) that Android has been adding into the backend of its platform.

The problem manifests itself when swiping laterally through apps, and the internet browser doesn’t always have that super smooth reaction that I’ve come to expect from a modern smartphone.

I wan’t to know what kind of Android phone he’s uses because Chrome on my Nexus 5 doesn’t scroll nearly as smooth as Safari even on a iPhone 5.

I love the front facing speakers and would hope to see this design in a smaller form factor, maybe 7-inch. The tablet app ecosystem is still not there yet on android and having a tablet this large to use phone apps doesn’t sound pleasant. It starts at $399, a $100 less then the iPad air so there’s that.

This phone is massive, think iPhone 6 Plus but much thicker. It’s got some killer specs and starts at $649, no longer Google subsidized?

and it’s even coming to the Nexus 4.

I can’t say I’m surprised. It wasn’t the same when I went last year and I didn’t even bother to make the trip last March. But lots of fond memories of the times I’ve attended, I’ve made a lot of friends at these events.

(Source: http-macworldiworld-com-event-news)

It’s Apple’s usual MO to be secretive, but there’s nothing wrong with that. This whole saga reads like GT Advanced Technologies over promised and couldn’t deliver and is now trying to play the victim card. Sure Apple could throw them a bone, but why do they have to.

Love all the updates. If I drove more often and If my apartment complex offered parking space with the ability for me to add a charger, I would be all over this.

I don’t see this being a mass market product, especially at $199. I would have picked one up to use in the water if it was $99.

This was the dream three years ago. I tried it yesterday and it works really well. I’ll start checking-in again.

I think this is really cool, but it’s not a $155 problem for me. I rather give the money to my local frequented shops and get them to accept Apple Pay quicker.

It is still far greater than the adoption rates of any new Android releases, but it’s cause for concern. The radical iOS 7 resign and iOS 8.01 issues have cause many users to adopt a wait and see mentality. The share size of the iOS 8 update may also have hinder many users from being able to update.

Neither of the two businesses seem promising, but the enterprise unit is probably the better of the two. They’ll either get acquired or endure a slow death.

60% decline in operating profit and 20% decline in sales year over year.

Their higher margin handsets are not moving like they use too and they are spending an insane amount on marketing to get customers to notice them. Is the Galaxy’s reign as the leading Android manufacture coming to an end? Probably not anytime soon, but they are probably losing some customers to Apple now that they have the iPhone 6 Plus to compete with.

If this is true, China alone will beat out Apple’s original iPhone 6 launch numbers. So much for bendgate or whatever other gate the media is drumming up next week detouring iPhone 6 sales.