Who’s going to use this? The mom and pop stores that Amazon is trying to kill?

Looks better than the S5, but I’m still not sold on the dimpled back design. I think it looks ugly.

I book through OpenTable when I can because it’s just easier than having to call an human being. Paying through their app provides similar connivence to settling the check. I don’t have to ask and wait for the waiter to give me my bill and I don’t have to part with my credit card which makes the whole process more efficient and maybe a little safer. If they add the ability to split the check, I would use this on the regular.

He was an Apple geek and a very creative individual. It always made me happy to watch his live shows. I regret I never got the chance to meet him personally, but every one tells me he was generous and humble. Rest in peace Robin Williams.

Amazon wants to force publishers to sell their goods at unsustainable prices. Just because they want to lose money, doesn’t mean everyone else does too.

Limited to one phone at the moment, but it’s a step in the right direction.

The check-in is dead. It’s all about discovery. The new app centers around their personal recommendation engine and it’s really well done.

Samsung is getting squeezed on the low-end and finding it really hard to compete with Apple on the high-end. Maybe it’s not the greatest strategy to create everything.

I installed it on my iPad and the app is really polished. It’s also pretty nifty how they bypassed Apple’s App Store.

Interestingly iPads sales were down 9% while Mac sales are up 13% year over year.

That’s Incredibly cheap for band that has 30-day battery life and is capable of doing everything a $100+ Fitbit can do. Sign me up!

Finally! I remember they gave me access to test a similar feature over a year ago.

Lots of restrictions and not very affordable, but it’s a step in the in the right direction.

The nightmare that is canceling Comcast! This is not a one off case, reps are taught to do this and it’s disturbing!

(Source: theverge.com / ryan.block)

It does not provide enough benefit for me to go through the trouble of having to charge my watch everyday. A week is ideal, but I’ll take a couple of days over having to do it every night.