tommy chen

Jul 31

Play Game Boy Advance Game On Your iPhone -

I installed it on my iPad and the app is really polished. It’s also pretty nifty how they bypassed Apple’s App Store.

Jul 24

Profits Up In Q3 Earnings, iPhone Sales Lead The Pack -

Interestingly iPads sales were down 9% while Mac sales are up 13% year over year.

Jul 22

Xiaomi Announces The Mi Band, a $13 Fitness Band -

That’s Incredibly cheap for band that has 30-day battery life and is capable of doing everything a $100+ Fitbit can do. Sign me up!

Facebook Now Lets You Save Links, Places, Music, and More For Later -

Finally! I remember they gave me access to test a similar feature over a year ago.

Jul 17

DirecTV's New Sunday Ticket Streaming Service -

Lots of restrictions and not very affordable, but it’s a step in the in the right direction.

Jul 15


Jun 30

LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live Review -

It does not provide enough benefit for me to go through the trouble of having to charge my watch everyday. A week is ideal, but I’ll take a couple of days over having to do it every night.

Jun 26

Supreme Court's Huge Ruling On Digital Privacy -

This means they will need a warrant to invade your digital privacy. Big win!

Preorder Samsung Gear Live and LG G Android Wear Watch -

I’m ok with the price, but the hardware still looks very clunky.

Google's Chrome OS Now Plays Better With Android -

This is Google’s version of continuity. It would have been more interesting if this worked with just the Chrome browser not Chrome OS.

Google Announces Android Auto -

Google’s responses to Apple’s CarPlay. I’d take either over any stock system from an auto manufacture.

Jun 25



Android One Will Help Manufacturers Build Low-Cost Phones -

Does this mean the end of the Nexus program is near?

Everything You Need to Know About Google’s I/O Keynote -

Matt Honan of Wired has a great round up of everything announced at the very long Google I/O keynote today.