tommy chen

Jul 22

Xiaomi Announces The Mi Band, a $13 Fitness Band -

That’s Incredibly cheap for band that has 30-day battery life and is capable of doing everything a $100+ Fitbit can do. Sign me up!

Facebook Now Lets You Save Links, Places, Music, and More For Later -

Finally! I remember they gave me access to test a similar feature over a year ago.

Jul 17

DirecTV's New Sunday Ticket Streaming Service -

Lots of restrictions and not very affordable, but it’s a step in the in the right direction.

Jul 15


Jun 30

LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live Review -

It does not provide enough benefit for me to go through the trouble of having to charge my watch everyday. A week is ideal, but I’ll take a couple of days over having to do it every night.

Jun 26

Supreme Court's Huge Ruling On Digital Privacy -

This means they will need a warrant to invade your digital privacy. Big win!

Preorder Samsung Gear Live and LG G Android Wear Watch -

I’m ok with the price, but the hardware still looks very clunky.

Google's Chrome OS Now Plays Better With Android -

This is Google’s version of continuity. It would have been more interesting if this worked with just the Chrome browser not Chrome OS.

Google Announces Android Auto -

Google’s responses to Apple’s CarPlay. I’d take either over any stock system from an auto manufacture.

Jun 25



Android One Will Help Manufacturers Build Low-Cost Phones -

Does this mean the end of the Nexus program is near?

Everything You Need to Know About Google’s I/O Keynote -

Matt Honan of Wired has a great round up of everything announced at the very long Google I/O keynote today.

Jun 20

FREE Music Streaming & Downloads w/ T-Mobile's Simple Choice Plans -

Steaming music from a select number of services like Spotify and Pandora will not count towards your T-mobile’s Simple Choice 4G LTE data plan. I don’t know how I feel about this.

Washboard Will Send You $10 In Quarters for $15 -

Never heard of someone not doing their laundry because they didn’t have access to quarters. And don’t they have quarter change machines in most laundromats? This just seems idiotic.