Lots of restrictions and not very affordable, but it’s a step in the in the right direction.

The nightmare that is canceling Comcast! This is not a one off case, reps are taught to do this and it’s disturbing!

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It does not provide enough benefit for me to go through the trouble of having to charge my watch everyday. A week is ideal, but I’ll take a couple of days over having to do it every night.

This means they will need a warrant to invade your digital privacy. Big win!

I’m ok with the price, but the hardware still looks very clunky.

This is Google’s version of continuity. It would have been more interesting if this worked with just the Chrome browser not Chrome OS.

Google’s responses to Apple’s CarPlay. I’d take either over any stock system from an auto manufacture.

That black bar across the bottom bothers me a lot. It makes it look as if the screen is defective.

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Cleaner, more consistency, more fluid, and more iOS-like.

(Source: theverge.com)

Matt Honan of Wired has a great round up of everything announced at the very long Google I/O keynote today.

Steaming music from a select number of services like Spotify and Pandora will not count towards your T-mobile’s Simple Choice 4G LTE data plan. I don’t know how I feel about this.

Never heard of someone not doing their laundry because they didn’t have access to quarters. And don’t they have quarter change machines in most laundromats? This just seems idiotic.

Amazon announced their Fire Phone today and I have to admit, it’s pretty boring. It has all the usual high-end specs of a competitive smartphone, but there are very few compelling reasons to choose it over the competition. The three that I think are the most compelling for your average consumer is the Mayday button, unlimited photo storage, and 1-year of Prime for free. Coming from a company that doesn’t have a retail presence, it’s huge to be able to provide easy and accessible customer service the way the Mayday button provides. Other than those three features the Fire Phone is dead to me. Not only because it’s an exclusive to AT&T and I will not enter a contract or leave T-Mobile, but the short comings of the Fire Phone don’t out way the benefit. The camera is advertised to be only marginally better than the current iPhone that is soon to be improved. The dynamic 3D perspective looks like a gimmick and I doubt will be widely used in the real world. The Amazon Android App store has far less apps than Google’s Play store, not to mention you would not have access to many of Google’s products like Chrome or Maps.

Very new but still very much familiar. I am most excited to play with what Apple is calling continuity, it’s makes it even more compelling to stay within the Apple eco-system. I guess I’ll be switch back to an iPhone full-time come Fall.