Microsoft is paying the NFL $400 million to use their Surface tablet exclusively and broadcast commentators are calling it an iPad and iPad-like.


Notifications in our pants, on our wrist, and now in our ear.

They’ve packed a lot of technology on your wrist but do we even what this? Battery life on devices with a lot less tech can’t even last a day, how long will this last on a single charge? It’s also way too big for many people and looks borderline like a house arrest bracelet.

This looks so much cooler than my Roomba, but how comfortable will people be with a robot that has a camera and network connection roaming in their house?

I like what Motorola is doing. They are refining on a previously well-designed device and making it even better. The one thing I found really lacking on the original Moto X was the camera. I hope they’ve brought that up to par.


Compared to the other smartwatches we’ve seen, I still think the Moto 360 looks the best by far. I might even be able to live with the black bar on the bottom that’s an eyesore, but not being able to last a day on a single charge is a huge deal breaker.

Interestingly this is replacing Samsung’s Galaxy S line as their new Flagship device. I got the chance to play with the Note Edge today in New York and I thought the build quality was quite impressive. The all metal chassis made the device feel really solid. The curved screen looks really cool, but I’m not sure how useful it will really be. Right now, it more or less acts as a dock with a couple of Samsung customized apps that offload controls on to the side. Samsung said they will be be offering a development kit for it, but I don’t anticipate many developers jumping to develop for this particular screen.

Who said no one wants to watch game play?

Fallow your passion!

That’s a surprise. The deal with Google read nearly like a done deal. It’s a great pick up for Amazon and it also seems like a good fit for Twitch too. It’s a huge loss for Google. I wonder if they will home-grow more Twitch like features into YouTube since one of their largest segments of the community are gamers.

The edge to edge display looks really futuristic and I’m even more impress they were able to bring this to market at such a low price point. Since he whole top-half is screen, where’s the the earphone? Are all calls on speaker?

Who’s going to use this? The mom and pop stores that Amazon is trying to kill?

Looks better than the S5, but I’m still not sold on the dimpled back design. I think it looks ugly.

I book through OpenTable when I can because it’s just easier than having to call an human being. Paying through their app provides similar connivence to settling the check. I don’t have to ask and wait for the waiter to give me my bill and I don’t have to part with my credit card which makes the whole process more efficient and maybe a little safer. If they add the ability to split the check, I would use this on the regular.