Never heard of someone not doing their laundry because they didn’t have access to quarters. And don’t they have quarter change machines in most laundromats? This just seems idiotic.

Amazon announced their Fire Phone today and I have to admit, it’s pretty boring. It has all the usual high-end specs of a competitive smartphone, but there are very few compelling reasons to choose it over the competition. The three that I think are the most compelling for your average consumer is the Mayday button, unlimited photo storage, and 1-year of Prime for free. Coming from a company that doesn’t have a retail presence, it’s huge to be able to provide easy and accessible customer service the way the Mayday button provides. Other than those three features the Fire Phone is dead to me. Not only because it’s an exclusive to AT&T and I will not enter a contract or leave T-Mobile, but the short comings of the Fire Phone don’t out way the benefit. The camera is advertised to be only marginally better than the current iPhone that is soon to be improved. The dynamic 3D perspective looks like a gimmick and I doubt will be widely used in the real world. The Amazon Android App store has far less apps than Google’s Play store, not to mention you would not have access to many of Google’s products like Chrome or Maps.

Very new but still very much familiar. I am most excited to play with what Apple is calling continuity, it’s makes it even more compelling to stay within the Apple eco-system. I guess I’ll be switch back to an iPhone full-time come Fall.

This was the highlight of WWDC for me. I was hopping for this, but never thought it would actually happen. Now that it’s here, I’m surprised yet excited. There’s still a lot to digest, but so far I like what I see.

I was wrong. It’s less about the headphones and more about the music and creative team, especially Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.

Having one device to rule them all sounds good in theory, but the Surface brings too many compromises. I tried to use the Surface 2 as my main device for over two months and found that it doesn’t provide any more connivence than carrying my Macbook Air and my iPad. I had to carry both in my backpack when traveling and the extra weight of having two devices was very marginal. The Surface 3 might be a lot better than the 2, but I still see it as an inelegant compromising device for most. It might be the perfect device for some, one who can make do with a single USB Port and cables hanging off the top.

iPhone 5c + iPad mini = Mi Pad

Bentley’s Intelligent Details commercial was shot with an iPhone 5s. The results are stunning.


The Moto X is one of the better designed Android smartphones and the G and E share the same designed language. It’s definitely not the best smartphone available but for what it cost it’s probably is the best value.

They should have done this from the start, but it effectively kills the Kinect and I am okay about that.

$3.2 billion is less than a rounding error for Apple, but I don’t see why they need to buy Beats nor how they fit in at Apple. Customers don’t care to buy devices because they come with Beats, ask HP or HTC If they wanted to sell high-end headphones, they can certainly do it without spending $3 billion. Beats Music service is interesting, but couldn’t Apple do that on their own? It’s not like the service is setting the world on fire and Apple is still the largest music store if I recall correctly. This very much out of Apple’s MO. They don’t make large acquisitions, this would certainly be the largest by a big margin. I don’t get it.

The majority of packages I see being delivered in my neighborhood are Amazon boxes. I wonder what percentages of FedEx, UPS, and USPS’ business is from Amazon? I would wager to think it would really hurt these’s services bottom line if Amazon jumped ship. Amazon could potentially acquire one them maybe. It makes sense to own the own the experience end to end, especially if it ensures all customers gets their orders on time.

Facebook announced that they now have 1.28 billion monthly active users and over 1 billion monthly active mobile users, that’s nothing short of extraordinary and frankly a little scary.

Whatsapp has just crossed 500 million active users, that’s 50 million more than when Facebook announced they would acquire the company two months ago.

I don’t think there is any service that has as much active users as Facebook or is growing as fast as Whatsapp at the moment.

This an interesting way to test who/what is innovative and what is just an inventions or a novelty. Apple passes this test on many accounts and is thus innovative and is handsomely rewarded. Analyst that argue Apple is no longer innovative doesn’t understand what Innovation is.

Pamela Vagata and Kevin Wilfong on Scaling Facebook’s warehouse infrastructure on the Facebook Engineering Blog:

Our warehouse stores upwards of 300 PB of Hive data, with an incoming daily rate of about 600 TB. In the last year, the warehouse has seen a 3x growth in the amount of data stored.

600 TB of incoming data per day is insane and it’s growing very rapidly too. It’s fascinating how they are making these processes more efficient and even better that they are willing to share this information.