They are still making these?

HP’s new Chromebook 14 are knockoff Macbook Airs.

$1299 for a laptop with a “Retina-quality” display that only runs Chrome? Maybe for the fanboys or for the users that’s already subscribed to 1TB of Google Drive storage, it comes with 3 years free ($1799.64 value). A Macbook Pro is only $200 more and it’s beter in every respect, I don’t see the value in the Pixel.

Google announced the launch of a new Samsung Chromebook at only $249. As intriguing and affordable as this is, it doesn’t seem like something many people want.

People want iPads not Chromebooks! The last thing we need is another contract. At $20/month for a student, the Chromebook sounds decent but throw in that 3 year contract and it starts to look pretty bad. Sure you get support, but is Google really known for that? Subscriptions supposedly also gives you the latest and greatest, but how often will Google allow you to upgrade the hardware? Not often, I’m assuming. And if you want to cancel your contract, be prepared to pay the all remaining payments in your lease.

However, for enterprise Chromebooks sounds like a no brainer, especially given the Admin tools that Google show’d off, but this is assuming your company can live with having everything done in the cloud.