Four million! Image how much they could have sold if they and the carries didn’t have technical difficulties.

I can’t see Apple paying the sub-$400 million valuation that Path last raised capital at for a failing social platform. Maybe for the talent, but that’s still very steep. I hope it’s at least more than the $100 million Google offered when Path was still barely a product.

Despite site technical difficulties, they had a “record number” of iPhone pre-orders. Some models are now shipping as late as a month and a half.

Marco della Cava interviewing Tim Cook in USA Today:

"We didn’t make the first mp3, smartphone or tablet. But you can say we made the first modern mp3, smartphone and tablet"…

Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus both feature larger screens reminiscent of competitors’ devices. By design, says Cook. “It’s an incredible opportunity for us to switch people from Android to iOS. So yes, this is epic. It is epic,”

Tim Cook being honest. There’s lots of pent up demand, iPhone 6 and 6+ with iOS 8 will closes a lot of gaps.

The Telegraph in an interview with Boss of Tag Heuer, Zenith and Hublot:

Apple’s long-awaited smartwatch looks “too feminine” and its design will not stand the test of time, luxury giant LVMH’s watch guru has said.

It’s not ment to stand the test of time. It’s a piece of technology, it becomes obsolete and they want you to upgrade. Reads like he’s threatened. I Don’t know why? it’s not like most people who buy an Apple Watch is in the market for Tag Heuer.

Apple may finally make mobile payments a reality in the US. Others have tried and have largely failed to gain any traction, but it looks like Apple has found a way to get both banks and retailers onboard. The company is working with American Express, Mastercard, and Visa as well as top bank issuers that cover 83% of the credit card purchase volume. They also have over 200k merchants onboard, including Subway, McDonalds, Disney, Walgreens, Macy’s, Sephora, and many more.

Most of the leaks were spot on. We got two new iPhones today. The bigger of the two, called the iPhone 6 Plus, sports a .8 inch larger screen, larger battery, and optical image stabilization over digital. Both will have Apple Pay, which is what I am most excited about. I’m still not a fan of these huge screens, going for a run with a 5.5” device is no fun. I’ll probably spring for the 4.7” this Friday.

He was an Apple geek and a very creative individual. It always made me happy to watch his live shows. I regret I never got the chance to meet him personally, but every one tells me he was generous and humble. Rest in peace Robin Williams.

Interestingly iPads sales were down 9% while Mac sales are up 13% year over year.

Very new but still very much familiar. I am most excited to play with what Apple is calling continuity, it’s makes it even more compelling to stay within the Apple eco-system. I guess I’ll be switch back to an iPhone full-time come Fall.

This was the highlight of WWDC for me. I was hopping for this, but never thought it would actually happen. Now that it’s here, I’m surprised yet excited. There’s still a lot to digest, but so far I like what I see.

I was wrong. It’s less about the headphones and more about the music and creative team, especially Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.

$3.2 billion is less than a rounding error for Apple, but I don’t see why they need to buy Beats nor how they fit in at Apple. Customers don’t care to buy devices because they come with Beats, ask HP or HTC If they wanted to sell high-end headphones, they can certainly do it without spending $3 billion. Beats Music service is interesting, but couldn’t Apple do that on their own? It’s not like the service is setting the world on fire and Apple is still the largest music store if I recall correctly. This very much out of Apple’s MO. They don’t make large acquisitions, this would certainly be the largest by a big margin. I don’t get it.

This an interesting way to test who/what is innovative and what is just an inventions or a novelty. Apple passes this test on many accounts and is thus innovative and is handsomely rewarded. Analyst that argue Apple is no longer innovative doesn’t understand what Innovation is.

Apple brings the elegance of iOS in your automobile. It’s also notable that Ford is a committed partner that will be offering CarPlay on their future models. They are currently using Microsoft technology to power their Ford Sync system. Does that mean they are leaving that behind?