60% decline in operating profit and 20% decline in sales year over year.

Their higher margin handsets are not moving like they use too and they are spending an insane amount on marketing to get customers to notice them. Is the Galaxy’s reign as the leading Android manufacture coming to an end? Probably not anytime soon, but they are probably losing some customers to Apple now that they have the iPhone 6 Plus to compete with.

Apple just made that much in one day. My the times have changed.

Samsung is getting squeezed on the low-end and finding it really hard to compete with Apple on the high-end. Maybe it’s not the greatest strategy to create everything.

Interestingly iPads sales were down 9% while Mac sales are up 13% year over year.

$12 billion got Google a failing business with declining revenues and growing losses.

Apple is cannibalizing their Mac sales with iPads. Does it really matter? At the the end of the day, they are still getting your money. I would argue that they are getting more of it too because many upgrade their iPad a lot more frequent than their Macs.

Did they really think they can move that many Z10s? How can their forecasting be this bad?

Nothing wrong living paycheck to paycheck, right?

  1. Microsoft made $853 million in revenue from it’s Surface sales from launch through the end of June.
  2. Microsoft wrote down $900 million on the Surface RT to get rid of excess inventory 
  3. Therefore Microsoft is losing money selling the Surface.

There’s still growth year over year, but the rate of growth is slowing.

Like Apple, Samsung is a victim of its own success. Analyst and Investors set outrageous expectations and are never satisfied.

Having the best designed Android phone that is well received from many reviewers is still not good enough.

Their mobile business is now bringing in more than all of Google’s businesses combined. Should Google be concerned, I think so.

On the list where companies are ranked by revenue Apple is 6th, but second in terms of profit.