I love the front facing speakers and would hope to see this design in a smaller form factor, maybe 7-inch. The tablet app ecosystem is still not there yet on android and having a tablet this large to use phone apps doesn’t sound pleasant. It starts at $399, a $100 less then the iPad air so there’s that.

This phone is massive, think iPhone 6 Plus but much thicker. It’s got some killer specs and starts at $649, no longer Google subsidized?

This is Google’s version of continuity. It would have been more interesting if this worked with just the Chrome browser not Chrome OS.

Google’s responses to Apple’s CarPlay. I’d take either over any stock system from an auto manufacture.

Cleaner, more consistency, more fluid, and more iOS-like.

(Source: theverge.com)

Matt Honan of Wired has a great round up of everything announced at the very long Google I/O keynote today.

Google is now offering the Nexus 5 in red in their Play Store and it looks so sweet!

Google doesn’t like what Samsung is doing with Android and is putting them on notice. So much for no being evil.

I’m also worried at a new trend: I rarely see Google employees wearing theirs anymore. Most say “I just don’t like advertising that I work for Google.” I understand that. Quite a few people assume I work for Google when they see me with mine. I just hope it doesn’t mean that Google’s average employee won’t support it.

Fewer Google employees are wearing them because they don’t see a use for them (yet). I know many people that have paid hard cash for Google Glass and they are in the same camp. They uses it for a couple of weeks because it seems cool and they like the attention, but they get tired of charging and carrying it around only to not find any practical use for it. Right not It’s just a $1500 paperweight for most.

It was just a matter of time before it got yanked because it violated Google’s terms. The good news is you can still side-load the app if you really want it.

Or they could ship this by default and allow power users to install what they want, similar to how Apple ships the Mac App Store in OS X.

So 18 months and you’re out of luck.

In 2005, Google promised that banner ads would never come to web search, saying:

There will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or web search results pages. There will not be crazy, flashy, graphical doodads flying and popping up all over the Google site. Ever.

Marissa Mayer was leading the charge against these things at Google and she’s no longer there. I’m not surprised to see this now.