In my opinion, this is the best looking Android smartphone. I applaud HTC for experimenting with different camera technology, but “ultra pixels” sucks. Give us a camera that doesn’t take washed out photos.


Sony broke even, everyone else is still losing money and Samsung is closing the gap on Apple.

It looks like the implementation was an after thought. It’s in an awkward location and is not meant for enhance the user experience. In fact, if you want to use the scanner, the experience is worse than not using it.

Having the best designed Android phone that is well received from many reviewers is still not good enough.

This is something Google couldn’t do with their Nexus 4, perhaps the next Nexus smartphone will have LTE support?

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How did this even happen?! Just terrible!


Finally, a decent 4’ Android phone and it’s stock Android too!


Sounds like what everyone else was saying about the iPhone 3GS and 4S.

The newly announced HTC One looks stunning. They’ve taken lots of cues from the iPhone and have created a very compelling offering. This is the first time I have been genuinely excited about an Android phone.

I wanted to love this device because the amazing display, but less than 5 hours of battery life is not going to cut it.


The HTC Windows Phone 8X looks like a great piece of hardware, maybe even better than the much touted Nokia Lumia 920.

Q3 sales down 48% YOY and profits down 54% YOY, this is surprising since their products this year has been relatively good.

HTC’s new J Butterfly has a 5-inch, 1080P Super LCD 2 screen with 440ppi - sounds stunning!

  1. Camera: SONY NEX-5N
  2. Aperture: f/16
  3. Exposure: 1/10th
  4. Focal Length: 30mm