I installed it on my iPad and the app is really polished. It’s also pretty nifty how they bypassed Apple’s App Store.

The app is surprisingly very well built. It’s clean with an iOS 7 feel, but still has Microsoft Office familiarities.

It’s Free to download, view and share documents but you’ll need an annual $99 Office 365 subscription if you want to edit.

Apple brings the elegance of iOS in your automobile. It’s also notable that Ford is a committed partner that will be offering CarPlay on their future models. They are currently using Microsoft technology to power their Ford Sync system. Does that mean they are leaving that behind?

You’d be hard press to find a game this good on Android or Windows Phone.

This makes the iPad (the iPhone and iPod Touch too) a great creation device out of the box.

Were going to see a preview of iOS 7 at WWDC in June and It’s probably not going to look like this but I wish it did. The Windows Phone-like flat design looks really clean, the widgets brings much needed functionality  but the concept still remains very iOS like - simple and intuitive.

(Source: Mashable)

Amy Worrall’s concept for how Apple can implement app trials on iOS looks great and I’m surprised Apple hasn’t done this already.

Google launches Google Now for iOS via its search app and it looks nearly identical to its Android counterpart, but is not nearly as useful.

(Source: theverge.com)

Chat Heads comes to iOS, but it only works within the Facebook app.

Samsung announces Wallet, an app designed to store event tickets, boarding passes, membership cards, and coupons in a central location. Does it sound familiar?

(Source: TechCrunch)

Rob Enderle on Why 2013 Is RIM’s BlackBerry Year:

The iPhone isn’t that great and the Android OS is woefully insecure. Come Jan. 30, if mobile users take a hard look at their devices and then look at the new BlackBerry 10, RIM could be in for a windfall.

Is this guy living under a rock?

Microsoft brings Wordament cross platform, it’s the first iOS game to have Xbox Live achievements.