SquareTrade, a gadget insurer says Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are the most durable iPhones yet. I guess, they didn’t test having them in skinny jeans.

(Source: The Wall Street Journal)

Not surprised. They had lines that stretched 12 city blocks at their flagship store and there are still lines today.

I installed it on my iPad and the app is really polished. It’s also pretty nifty how they bypassed Apple’s App Store.

The app is surprisingly very well built. It’s clean with an iOS 7 feel, but still has Microsoft Office familiarities.

It’s Free to download, view and share documents but you’ll need an annual $99 Office 365 subscription if you want to edit.

I switched over to a Nexus 5 as my main driver for a couple of weeks now and the camera is the thing I missed the most about not having my iPhone.

(Source: theverge.com)

How will Apple ever survive? Their iPhone business is only bigger than all of Coca-Cola and McDonald’s combined. 

Apparently iPads weren’t enough. Are Macbooks next?

David Pierce reviewing the iPhone 5s for The Verge:

The most remarkable thing Apple did with the iPhone 5S was to change everything while appearing to change almost nothing.

It does everything the iPhone 5 did, just better. No gimmicky features.

Apple’s made a phone that’s going to last, that appears to be ready for whatever technical innovation the industry develops or crazy games we decide to play.


That’s the best thing about the iPhone 5S: at the end of your two-year contract, it’s still going to be a great phone — maybe even better.

The motion processor, the 64-bit operating system, and the fingerprint sensor have yet to reach it’s potential use and will only get better as Apple and developers dream up applications for them. It’s also the type of forward thinking features that Android handsets don’t have yet, but I’m sure Samsung will add to their next Galaxy S5.

Even more impressive, over 200 million devices have already updated to iOS 7 under a week after launch.

NYPD now urging iPhone users to upgrade to iOS 7 because of its safety features.

Justin Williams on Apple and photography:

The HTC One I carry primarily has a slightly better camera than the Moto X, but I still have never found the quality of the photos output from it to be on par with what my iPhone produces either. I don’t know what to attribute Apple’s camera magic to. Whether it’s hardware, software, or just that they care more than any other manufacturer I’m not sure.

All I know is that for everything that Android and Google are getting right these days, they still haven’t gotten close to touching Apple in the area that is of utmost importance to me: photo quality.

and the iPhone 5S is really going to further distance themselves from the competition.

40x bump in performance, added dedicated motion processor, improved camera, and a fingerprint sensor built into the home button.