Patrick Seitz of Investor’s Business Daily

Apple claimed 87.4% of phone earnings before interest and taxes in the fourth quarter, Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt said. Samsung took in 32.2% of industry profits. Because their combined earnings were higher than the industry’s total earnings as a result of many vendors losing money in Q4, Apple and Samsung mathematically accounted for more than 100% of the industry’s earnings.

That’s a 10% gain for Apple year over year and a slight decline for Samsung.

Individual plans are getting shafted! All the more reason why I am glad they were not able to acquire T-Mobile.

As much as $1k cheaper over three years and the best part is you’re not beholden to a contract.

Apple and Samsung ran away with all the mobile handset profits last quarter, everyone one else either broke even or lost lost money.

This is not only for smartphones, but all mobile phones!

Samsung is positioning itself to be the next Nokia, they’re dominating. Apple appears to be their only competition in the smartphone market.

Looks like they are preparing an all out assault on those mobile messaging apps. Maybe Whatsapp should take the buyout offer while they still can?

This should have been done a long time ago. Flash on mobile has been lousy from the start and have not gotten better, regardless of what Adobe wants you to believe.

Baidu is officially releasing a their ‘Baiduize’ Android ROM for Android-powered phones, starting with the Google Nexus S.

Wow! And they have four more Angry Bird titles coming before the year is over.

This reminds me of what Google was trying to do with Chrome OS, but for a phone.


Makes a lot of sense, this should have happened years ago.

James Kendrick of ZDNet outlines many of the same qualms why I stick to using an iPhone as my main phone dispute having the ability to get almost any Android Phone on the market. It looks like Ice Cream Sandwich will address many of these issues though!

The Galaxy Nexus was unveiled yesterday along side the Android Ice Cream Sandwich announcement and it’s all about the screen. It sports a 4.65-inch 1280 x 720 HD Super AMOLED screen, just as nice as Apple’s Retina display; but do we want a phone that big? It’s almost tablet-territory at that size.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich’s interface is more or less Honeycomb on a phone. There’s a lot more consistency throughout the OS and the addition of some really cool features. One, that I think will be really useful is Data Tracking. Most carriers in the US are moving to a tiered data plan and it’s nice to be able to set warnings or even cut off data entirely when you have reach a certain threshold.