Google explains how search works in an interactive site.

Facebook launches graph search in limited beta today. It looks like Facebook can do search a lot better than Google can do social.


Google beefs up it’s web crawler and called it Caffeine - now 50% faster and one step closer to real-time search results.

Rumors has it that the Tech Giants in Redmond will be releasing a highly targeted and contextual next generation search marketing technology that will allow them to compete with the Powerful Google guys.

It has been said that you should never mess with Microsoft, it will always come back to hurt you. No matter what, its a fact of life they are the tech industry. Without them a lot of the improvements in life are not possible. They can run you out of business if they really wanted, ethical or not! Lets just look back at there most recent set back in the gaming industry. The MS Xbox fell behind to Sony’s PS 2 in total sales and popularity. What does Microsoft do? They become more aggressive and is able to beat Sony to the market the second time around. With the release of Xbox 360 this last Christmas they have gain a huge edge over counter parts in the gaming industry.

There should be no difference as Microsoft gears up to fight against Google. They are finally making a push to surpass Yahoo! as the number 2 engine and if possible Google to grab top spot. They have set forth and created a adCenter Incubation Lab in Beijing that house some of the most talented at work as we speak.

These prototypes hold the promise to change online advertising dramatically in areas such as paid search, behavioral targeting and contextual advertising. Also shown were projects addressing areas of incubation in their earliest stages of investigation, such as ad bar-code readers, social network mining, and video and large-display ads

With the fight heating up against Google in the Ad Industry they are also set to finally release the long awaited update to Windows XP, Windows Vista. Critics recently stated: “Microsoft is on the decline with so many gunning for them.” 2006 poses a Big year for the Tech Giants at Redmond, it will really prove yet again who’s boss in this Industry that they have label TECH.