Not a huge fan of Consumer Reports and their tests, but in this case it’s highly better than this guy’s. The end result, the iPhone 6 and many other smartphones need at least 70 pounds of force to cause deformation and at least 90 pounds of force for case separation. If you are putting that much force on your phone, it’s not a defect, you’re just an idiot. There might be cases with defects in manufacturing but this is not the normal and the media reporting this like a widespread issue is just trying to get viewers.

Most of the leaks were spot on. We got two new iPhones today. The bigger of the two, called the iPhone 6 Plus, sports a .8 inch larger screen, larger battery, and optical image stabilization over digital. Both will have Apple Pay, which is what I am most excited about. I’m still not a fan of these huge screens, going for a run with a 5.5” device is no fun. I’ll probably spring for the 4.7” this Friday.

I like what Motorola is doing. They are refining on a previously well-designed device and making it even better. The one thing I found really lacking on the original Moto X was the camera. I hope they’ve brought that up to par.


Looks better than the S5, but I’m still not sold on the dimpled back design. I think it looks ugly.

The Moto X is one of the better designed Android smartphones and the G and E share the same designed language. It’s definitely not the best smartphone available but for what it cost it’s probably is the best value.

Sony broke even, everyone else is still losing money and Samsung is closing the gap on Apple.

David Pierce reviewing the iPhone 5s for The Verge:

The most remarkable thing Apple did with the iPhone 5S was to change everything while appearing to change almost nothing.

It does everything the iPhone 5 did, just better. No gimmicky features.

Apple’s made a phone that’s going to last, that appears to be ready for whatever technical innovation the industry develops or crazy games we decide to play.


That’s the best thing about the iPhone 5S: at the end of your two-year contract, it’s still going to be a great phone — maybe even better.

The motion processor, the 64-bit operating system, and the fingerprint sensor have yet to reach it’s potential use and will only get better as Apple and developers dream up applications for them. It’s also the type of forward thinking features that Android handsets don’t have yet, but I’m sure Samsung will add to their next Galaxy S5.

The Moto X has some really cool features and they are going the Apple-route of offering less phones with features they want people to use as oppose to just a spec sheet. It has the potential to do well, but something tells me at $199 on contract, it’s not going to.


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How did this even happen?! Just terrible!


When you feel your Note 2 is too small and your Note 8 is too large, you reach for your Galaxy Mega. That .3 inches makes a huge difference!?!

Finally, a decent 4’ Android phone and it’s stock Android too!


Using your tablet to make the occasional VOIP call comes in handy, but do we want it to be our Smartphone too? and one that is designed to be held up to our ear?

Looks like a decent tablet, but does Samsung really expect users to hold this thing up to their ear and use it as a phone?!?


The newly announced HTC One looks stunning. They’ve taken lots of cues from the iPhone and have created a very compelling offering. This is the first time I have been genuinely excited about an Android phone.