Despite site technical difficulties, they had a “record number” of iPhone pre-orders. Some models are now shipping as late as a month and a half.

This is Samsung’s answer to all the cool bands Apple showed off for the Apple Watch yesterday.

  1. Camera: Nikon D4
  2. Aperture: f/11
  3. Exposure: 2.5"
  4. Focal Length: 112mm

This looks so much cooler than my Roomba, but how comfortable will people be with a robot that has a camera and network connection roaming in their house?

I like what Motorola is doing. They are refining on a previously well-designed device and making it even better. The one thing I found really lacking on the original Moto X was the camera. I hope they’ve brought that up to par.


Compared to the other smartwatches we’ve seen, I still think the Moto 360 looks the best by far. I might even be able to live with the black bar on the bottom that’s an eyesore, but not being able to last a day on a single charge is a huge deal breaker.

The edge to edge display looks really futuristic and I’m even more impress they were able to bring this to market at such a low price point. Since he whole top-half is screen, where’s the the earphone? Are all calls on speaker?

Looks better than the S5, but I’m still not sold on the dimpled back design. I think it looks ugly.

I book through OpenTable when I can because it’s just easier than having to call an human being. Paying through their app provides similar connivence to settling the check. I don’t have to ask and wait for the waiter to give me my bill and I don’t have to part with my credit card which makes the whole process more efficient and maybe a little safer. If they add the ability to split the check, I would use this on the regular.

Limited to one phone at the moment, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Samsung is getting squeezed on the low-end and finding it really hard to compete with Apple on the high-end. Maybe it’s not the greatest strategy to create everything.

That black bar across the bottom bothers me a lot. It makes it look as if the screen is defective.


Cleaner, more consistency, more fluid, and more iOS-like.


Matt Honan of Wired has a great round up of everything announced at the very long Google I/O keynote today.