With the announcement of their 7-inch stock Android tablet at a very competitive price (starting at $169.99) and a reported sell off of Web OS to LG (for use in smart TVs), HP might be going all in on Android. This doesn’t bode well for Microsoft.

Open source doesn’t guarantee survival, but this is going to be interesting now that manufactures have one more “free” mobile OS to choose from.

15 steps completed and they are not done yet! HP is producing one more run of the TouchPads to meet demand - as if their initial batch at the firesale price didn’t ink them enough in the red.

Unable to meet their projected sales goals, HP has decided kill its webOS devices, that includes their newly released TouchPad and the would be coming soon Pre 3. Instead they’ll be focusing on licensing webOS to other manufactures - good luck with that! Who wants to license a product that has no adoption and has already failed more than once?

Cocoia Blog has a good summery of HP’s webOS event - I really like webOS too but is HP shooting themselves in the foot again. Pre-announcement, almost half a year in advance, reminds me of what killed the Palm Pre.

HP being the largest PC maker in the world, this means big trouble for Microsoft.

Rich Dellinger, responsible for the webOS’ banner notification system, rejoins Apple as Senior UI Designer. Palm is losing talent talent over fist after HP takeover.

Apple finally looks like they will soon be giving us that unobtrusive notification system we have been asking for.


doubling down on webOS

webOS is an amazing mobile OS; if it wasn’t for the lacking hardware (pre & pixi) and poor carrier exclusivity agreement, Palm could have been more successful. Perhaps with HP’s money and manufacturing resources, Palm can not only create lust-after webOS smartphones but also a iPad competitor as well.